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ZAAT! Card Game - Line-Up Your JUNGLY ZAAT Team! - Mystery Goodies Included

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Only swings and no misses with the JUNGLY World Cup!
What is even better than watching the best cricking players in action? Don a selector’s hat and pick the JUNGLY team members! Now, Everyone Can Cricket with JUNGLY Cricketers!
Build a new JUNGLY team in every round of play and fire up your imagination. Also joining the team is LORSY, the bubbly, fearless captain of the JUNGLY Team!

  • Helps in: Improving adaptability, observation, decision-making, concentration, competitiveness, quick thinking, and memory.
  • Great for: Playtime, travel gaming, sleepovers, lunch breaks, family gatherings, game nights, screen-free moments, as gifts, or delightful return favors.
  • Safety first: Featuring non-toxic colors, gentle edges, and a comfortable, easy-to-grasp design, ensuring child-friendly play, licensed by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).
  • Packaging: Designed with portability in mind, making it an excellent choice for entertainment on the move.
  • Exclusive Offer: Explore Our Game Box and Find a Special Surprise Inside! Hurry, Limited Stock! Claim Yours Now!"


    • Ideal for:
      2 to 4 players of all ages, with a quick and engaging 15-minute gameplay.
    • Gaming Experience:
      Five teams are competing to gather a full team of players. To win, choose and discard cards wisely to be the first to line up all your players. Use special multi-cards like Jokers to speed up your progress. Pay attention to what cards your opponents are playing, and try to stop them from completing their teams before you finish yours to win the game.
    • Unveil: 
      Unwrap a set of 55 captivating game cards and step-by-step instructions on how to play. Original JUNGLY player images illustrated exclusively for KAADOO.