Welcome to Kaadoo's Journey

The story started on a safari

Back in 2015, Diinesh Kumble, our founder, took our team for a fun safari trip to Bandipur. Invigorated by the experience, he challenged us to pack this adventure into a board game so that we can bring the joy and knowledge of wildlife to you, in the safest way possible. Charged by our riveting passion for nature, we accepted the challenge and delivered!

Inspired from wildlife, crafted for all.

Our games are rooted in nature and wildlife, hence the name 'Kaadoo’, a spin on the word Kaadu, which means forest and/or jungle in South Indian languages such as Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam. 

We chose Slender Loris as our mascot 'Kaadoo Paapa', which is Kannada for “Baby of the forest”. These are the least studied of all primates and are endangered due to many reasons. Our intention is to spread awareness about them and encourage conservation efforts to protect them, among many others. 

With our mission and ideas intact, we made our way to you in less than a year with The Big Game (TBG) series, launching with The African Savannah and the Nilgiri Biosphere editions. 

Soon after, parents shared heart-warming stories of safari game nights and how sighting rare animals caused a much-deserved uproar in children. This alone was fuel enough to design even more captivating adventures for families, from kids to grandparents. 


Proudly Made in India, for the world.

We take pride in the fact that we designed our games in-house and sourced all the material locally, making our games completely ‘Made in India’. 

For example, we have worked with artisans from Channaptna, Karnataka, for our wooden safari wagons, dice, and pawns. Each game boasts of international quality while growing our Indian ecosystem.

The heart and mind poured into our games has also earned us a BIS license, WWF endorsement, “Highly Recommended" title by the Parents' Choice Foundation, USA., and bestseller tag on many platforms, over the past 6 years. 

Friend of the Planet, Always. 

Besides our personal values guarding the wildlife, we as a company too support wildlife and nature conservation causes sincerely.

In 2017, we launched the ‘People for Paapa’ initiative with Bosch, with the objective of driving awareness and changing the misconceptions surrounding the endangered species of Slender Loris (Kaadu Paapa).


If you have a wildlife story to share or need guidance choosing a Kaadoo adventure for you, write to us at lovetohearfromu@kaadoo.in