Meet Kaadoo Paapa

Hello, hello, hello! I am Kaadoo Paapa and I welcome you to the world of real adventure, stories from the wild, and thrilling creations of my Kaadoo family.

You must be wondering who I am, so here's my story. I am a Slender Loris and usually, you can find me or my cousins in tropical forests around the world, mainly in Southern India and SriLanka. But since I am “nocturnal” you will have to try really hard to spot me! I do love my own space and a good view of the planet, so I usually stay high up in the trees. 

Kaadoo Paapa, Slender Loris, Kaadu Paapa

Just so you know, I am very shy and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, over time, for many unpleasant reasons, me and my cousins have become an 'endangered species'. We love our life as much as you, so we need your help and support in continuing to be a part of the beautiful planet we share. 

A few years back, I got lucky and was adopted by the kind people of Kaadoo (they make these wonderful board games for kids and families to play, you should them out!). You see, they all love my brothers and sisters in the wild, so they cared for me like family.

Now, I help them by sharing my adventures in the wild to introduce the Kaadoo Tribe (you guys!) to a world of true wonder. Every week, I send letters and postcards with beautiful pictures. I hope you enjoy reading them! 

Read my stories here - Kaadoo Tantra  (Don't forget to subscribe to my weekly postcards!). I  am always up for a new adventure and visit my friends in the wild. Sometimes, they send me postcards with their adventures. I love writing them down and sharing it with everyone. I can't wait for you to tell my stories with your family, share a few laughs, and a learn new things about our beautiful world.

Also, my Kaadoo family also created a film to help everyone understand us better in order to protect us. I hope this will bring us closer!