About our products

  1. Who are these games for?
    Kaadoo games are age-agnostic, hence, anyone from kids to grandparents can play together. Each game is designed with entertainment, education, and engagement in mind. However, we have categorized by age for your convenience. 

  2. How to choose the right game for the kids?
    We recommend focusing on age, interest areas, and learning requirements before choosing a game. As you explore a game on our website, you can read through how it helps, who it is ideal for, and how it can be played to make your decision. 

  3. Can these games be used for educational purposes?
    As a team including parents, we recognize the need of developing knowledge and skill in children, hence, the majority of our games will teach something new, ranging from early learning skills, critical thinking, strategic planning, collaboration, memory enhancing, to a rich knowledge of wildlife.

    It is our mission to enable you to know more about the wildlife that inhabits our planet across different biospheres. Most people know the lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, etc, while the lesser known animals continue to be lesser known. We aim to introduce you to the vast number of animals that coexist with us on this wonderful planet.

  4. Which games are best for gifting?
    We have compiled our bestsellers or most-demanded gifts here. Please do consider the receiver’s age, interest areas, and learning requirements.

  5. Are there any series? How to decide what to play next?
    Yes, we do have a few series you can follow.
    1) If you have played a few Animal Buddy editions, you can progress to The Big Game.
    2) If you have played The Big Game, you can progress to Night Fire.
    3) Our Disney range is a series, which you can explore based on age and interest. 


About our packaging

  1. Are we eco-friendly?
    Yes, today we follow eco-friendly practices such as:
    - Build pawns using ABS material, which can be recycled

    - Significantly reduced usage of shrink wrapping
    - 0 usage of any zip-lock pouches
    - Use print ink based on vegetable oil
    - Any plastic used is of high grade, i.e. recyclable
    - Working towards increasing cloth-based packaging

  2. Are these games child-safe?
    Yes. All our components have rounded edges, printed/colored with non-toxic colors, and crafted with ABS quality plastic, which is of the highest grade and is biodegradable. All our games are BIS licensed and hence have been deemed safe for play by children 14 years and younger.


About shipping & returns

  1. How much does shipping cost?
    We offer free shipping above orders worth INR 349.

  2. How long does it normally take for an order to get delivered?
    All orders received by 12 PM (noon) are shipped the same day. All orders received beyond this are shipped the following day. We do not process orders on office holidays and Sundays. Please expect delays during lockdowns.

  3. How to locate my item?
    After your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking address. If you don’t receive it, you can reach out to us at lovetohearfromu@kaadoo.in

  4. How to return the items ordered? 
    Any damaged/defective item can be returned, and we will replace the same. Please note that when we ship, we ensure that there are no damages or defects and also use sturdy packaging. 

  5. Can the products be exchanged? 
    We don't exchange items, unless there is valid reason, which we evaluate on a case-to-case basis.