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JUNGLY Wild Cricket Card Game (Pack of 25)

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Gather bowlers and batters, it’s the fun that matters!
JUNGLY batters have taken guard and are ready for action. The bowlers have marked their run-up and are ready to have a go at the batters.
Play! is called, and your Wild Cricket Game begins. Bowl first, bat by matching colors to get runs.
Outplay your opponents by scoring maximum runs to WIN! Plays out like a cricket game, with a wild twist. It can't get more exciting than this!
3 lively Gameplay options!
  • Ideal for a variety of occasions: including gift-giving, parties, playtime, sleepovers, educational purposes, quick office lunchtime breaks, and moments of screen-free relaxation.
  • Helps in: Boosting memory, refining color coordination, sharpening quick thinking, enhancing concentration, and improving reflexes. prepare you to excel in competitive environments.
  • Packaging: Designed with portability in mind. Your take-it-anywhere game.
  • Safety first: Featuring non-toxic colors, gentle edges, and a comfortable, easy-to-grasp design, ensuring child-friendly play, licensed by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).
  • Score Sheet: Effortlessly keep track of your scores using our comprehensive score sheets designed for easy and accurate recording.


  • Ideal for: 2-15 players, suitable for all ages (from children to adults)
  • Gameplay: JUNGLY batters stand ready, and bowlers prepare for action. The call to 'Play!' commences your Wild Cricket Game. Begin by bowling and score runs by matching colors when you bat. Outplay your opponents to secure maximum runs and claim victory! Experience the thrill of cricket with a wild twist – it doesn't get more exciting than this!
  • Unbox: Unveil the excitement with two decks containing 120 cards (60 Batters Cards & 60 Bowlers Cards), a Toss coin, a comprehensive Instruction Manual (3 lively gameplay options!), and a handy Scoring sheet inside the box

Original JUNGLY player images illustrated exclusively for KAADOO.

Download the Score Sheet here