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Darto - The Magnetic Dart Board Game

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Innovative, magnetic dart game that can be played as a classic dart throw game or as a unique Cricket game designed by us. The efficient & indigenous package design opens up into a dartboard and the darts have magnets making them safe for children and adults.

Perfect for one or more players, both adults and older kids, at home or office. It also makes for a convenient and fun travel game, owing to its packaging and gameplay.

  • Helps in: Improving concentration, aim, accuracy, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Ideal for: Family time, parties, work breaks, digital detox, gifts, and return gifts.
  • Play safe: Non-toxic colors, magnetic ends, and easy to hold.


  • Players: 1-6 players, 14+ years and above.
  • Gameplay: Make your own game-play - Aim & Score (Easy), Achieve Target Score (Moderate), and Indoor Cricket Game (Intense).
  • Unbox: A magnetic darts board, 6 magnetic darts, and 6 magnetic coins (new feature), and play rules.