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Combo 4 - JUNGLY Wild Cricket Card Game pack - Mystery Goodies Included

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4 wild-themed cricket card games in one special package. With a game for everyone in the family and every mood, it's the perfect gift to share the joy of cricket. 
Game Alert:

Why should humans have all the fun?! The JUNGLYS want to play cricket and have decided to have their own World Cup! Lorsy, the loris, is the mastermind and has a solid plan to make this the greatest World Cup there has ever been!

Play MATCH OUT! and gather JUNGLYS from all over the globe. Collect as many cards as you can! Be quick!

From the dream team with ZAAT! Strategize and create your squad!

Challenge your JUNGLYS and hone their skills with POWER BLAST!

Are you ready for the final showdown? Play Wild Cricket Game and knock your opponents out or knock them out of the park! Bring the JUNGLY World Cup home!

Celebrate with family and friends and experience the thrill of the JUNGLY World Cup. It’s World Cup season every day! Reduce screen time, and increase fun time!

Key Features:

  • Helps in: Memory, color coordination, adaptability, observation, quick thinking, concentration, reflexes, & competitiveness.
  • Ideal for: Playtime, travel, parties, sleepovers, lunch breaks, family gatherings, game nights, screen-free moments, as gifts, or delightful return favors.
  • Child safe: Non-toxic colors, soft edges, easy to hold and carry, licensed by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).
  • Ideal for: 2-15 players, suitable for all ages (from children to adults).
  • Packaging: Designed with portability in mind. Your take-it-anywhere game.
  • Unbox: 1 Match Out Card Game, 1 Zaat! Card Game, 1 Power Blast Card Game, and 1 Wild Cricket Card Game.
  • Exclusive Offer: Explore Our Game Box and Find a Special Surprise Inside! Hurry, Limited Stock! Claim Yours Now!"

    Original JUNGLY player images illustrated exclusively for KAADOO.


    Why play this game

    Helps in: Learning about wildlife and their habitat, and enhancing competitive skills, collaboration, mental math skills, and memory. 

    Ideal for: Gifting, parties, playtime, education, and digital detox.

    Child safe: Designed with safe colors, soft edges, and convenient pizza box pac

    What's inside the box

    A vibrant game board, 4 safari pawns, dice, 55 sighting cards, and a richly illustrated play guide.

    How to Play

    Players: 2 players, 6 years and above.

    Gameplay: Points-based game, played to experience elements of a real safari such as sharing experiences, sighting clues such as alarm calls, which make the game more exciting and fun. Players get higher points for rare sightings and exit bonus points too!

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