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Combo of 2 - Yippy and Koogu Card Games

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Take a break from the usual 4-color and numbered card games and enter the world of the wild!

Yippy comes with vibrant images of wild animals and their coat patterns from the enchanting jungles of India and Africa, to grip you in interesting gameplay inspired by predators and prey. 

Koogu is set in a jungle and inspired by the food chain formed among its inhabitants, including predators, prey, and scavengers. It helps teach children about the workings of a food chain while increasing their knowledge of the wild.

    • Helps in: Improving observation & concentration, memory, pattern recognition, knowledge about wild animals and their food chain, social & emotional, play and learn, decision making, cognition, and predator-prey knowledge.
    • Ideal for: Playtime, travel games, education, gifts, and return gifts.
    • Child safe: Non-toxic colors, soft edges, easy to hold and carry.


    • Players: 2-6 players, 7 years and above.
    • Gameplay (Yippy): Each card has a predator coat pattern and a picture of the prey in the middle. 20 cards (also known as super cards) have the coat pattern and picture of a predator/s. Either match the prey or predator coat pattern, to discard all the cards to win. Play the super cards to make the opponent gain cards and lose the game. Designed for 20-minute gameplay.
    • Gameplay (Koogu): Each player gets 7 cards with one task - make a complete foodchain (1 predator, 3 prey,1 scavenger), with a Kaadoo jungle card and one Fab card (big animal). The first one to make the set needs to shout out 'Kaadoo' to win! It is designed for 20-minute gameplay.
    • Unbox: Yippy comes with 110 wildlife-themed cards, including 20 super cards! Koogu comes with  110 game cards with mesmerizing photographs of wild animals residing in their natural habitat.