How well do you know The Arctic Tundra?

How well do you know The Arctic Tundra?

Hey hey hey, 

If you are keeping up with coldest region on our dear planet, you must know about my friends there. At least, I am hoping you would have played our Animal Buddy Arctic or The Grand Tundra Big Game to learn a lottttt about the icy region. 

If you do, here's a fun crossword to test your knowledge! If you can guess these right, write to my friends at Kaadoo and claim your prize. 




1. The Majestic but lazy animal that hibernates during winter (9 letters)
3. Large, powerful birds, native to the Arctic that sleep during the day (8 letters)
5. The only cat found in the Arctic (12 letters)


2. Carnivorous hunters that change their color during the winter season (10 letters)
4. A common migrating bird with angular wings (10 letters)
6. The only breathing fish found in the Artic (15 letters)


A good exercise for your mind, isn't it? So, what's next?

Guess the answers and send them to my dear Kaadoo team by Dec 25, on or send us a WhatsApp on 9986011039

I am excited and I know you are too!


Happy Holidays, 

Gowri and Kaadoo Paapa

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