Five Important Lessons from Five Wild Animals

Five Important Lessons from Five Wild Animals

Heya little friends and their parents, how’s it going? I hope the exam season was a breeze for the young minds! I, for, one would have been both scared and pumped! I salute all my little friends for working so hard and reaching the next level 👏

How about we take a break and take a walk in the wild for 5 minutes?

Paapa Tip: Do share these with kids for learning something new outside the classroom 😊


1. Learn to care for your community from elephants

We all love these humble giants with envious memory! But, besides this, elephants have a lesson for us to learn about living in large communities or families.

While living among 10-100s of elephants, they never fail to care, protect, and comfort each other. We’ve seen how baby elephants are guarded, but if you observe a herd, you can notice how one elephant can comfort the other in distress with its trunk, watch out for all against any danger, and even punish one of their own for causing any harm.

Just like them, you humans grow up in communities with values like care, loyalty, protectiveness, and dependability that always act like superglue to tighten the bond!

     2. Learn to believe in yourself like a beaver

    I am a big fan of beavers! If you knew what they can do all by themselves, you won’t need any more motivation 😄

    From the very beginning, beavers understand their purpose after leaving home and they put their hearts into it. They are small like me but they believe in their ability to make a dam on their own. Here’s a video that will make you their fan too!

    Anyhooo, beavers work at least 12 hours a day to build a dam methodically placing stones, sticks, and mud in the perfect locations. And, sometimes their hard work of days can go to waste if there is a storm or a flood. 

    But, here’s the lesson for the young minds - none of this can deter a beaver from starting again. They take some rest and get back to believing in themselves. I’d like to remind you that you can work hard but also accept help!   

    3. Learn to be courageous about your goals like a lion

    Yes, Lions are the Kings of the Savannah, but they do have one goal ‘survival’ and they are determined to chase it.

    Lions sure do scare me, but I live on top of trees, so I get to observe them sometimes. They never back down from ensuring their and their pride’s survival. They are not deterred by the challenge, but are motivated by the result.

    While they always seem busy with a hunt, chase, or ruling the jungle, they take time to rest to recover. A important lesson for all of you hard working adults!

    4. Learn how to persevere like a wolf

    Yes, yes, wolves first teach the importance of being a loyal part of the pack, but what we rarely talk about is their perseverance and tenacity.

    Wolves know how to adapt to even the harshest environments. They accept the circumstances, in a group or even alone. They use the resources available to them and find a solution to any situation.

    5. Learn to live life with gusto like an otter

    I am yet to meet Otters but all my friends tell me that these little mammals are some of the most playful creatures in the animal kingdom!

    When they’re not hunting for food, they love to chase one another, wrestle, and even build water slides. There's a popular saying in our animal kingdom – “Be like the otter, live in the moment and live with joy.”

    My human friends, there will always be work and challenges, but remember to play, laugh, and make memories!

    Here’s a video to brighten up your summer day!

    Which animals have taught you a lesson to remember

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