Deep Dive into the Ocean

Deep Dive into the Ocean

Hello everyone!!! This time I am going to be letting you in on my knowledge of the Oceans. Imagine how cool that is!!

Much as I like my habitat, surely the most fascinating, unique, and unexplored regions of our plant are in the seas and oceans?? Think about it.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Weird and alien-looking creatures have surfaced from the depths of the sea. Just goes to show how little we know and how much more there is to discover and learn.

From the tiniest fish to the largest of corals, everything that exists in the sea just fascinates me. The beauty of the colors is unimaginable. The shapes and sizes are wondrous. And some of the creatures are just downright unbelievable! These are some creatures of the sea that just simply fascinate me, like for instance the following.

The Largest Animal on Earth
Just imagine that a blue whale calf enters the world and is already at birth, on the planet’s largest creatures list!! After spending a year in mommy’s womb this “baby” comes out weighing over 2700 kilograms (unbelievable isn’t it) and measuring about 25 feet (phew !!) Now further the mother is four times bigger and weighs over 1,81,000 kilograms!! Huuuuge! Her heart is the size of a car, and she also has the loudest voice in the animal kingdom. I wouldn’t want to be her baby!

Other whale species for you to check out: Beluga whale, gray whale, bowhead whale, humpback whale, right whale, and sperm whale.

The Largest Predator on Earth
The great white shark is the largest known killer fish on our planet. They like to eat all kinds of fish, seals, and even dolphins! The largest recorded great white was a female measuring 20 feet in length. There are a large number of sharks that are actually harmless and feed on plankton!

Other shark species for you to check out: Whale shark, basking shark, Pacific sleeper shark, Greenland shark, great hammerhead, common thresher shark, goblin shark, megamouth shark, and tiger shark.

The Longest Arms on Earth
The only positive thing I can think of about having so many arms are that multitasking would be a breeze! Octopuses don’t really do that. They use their arms as a defense mechanism and can lose an arm to escape from a predator and then grow it back later on as if nothing happened! The largest octopus species in the world, the North Pacific giant octopus, was recorded at 30 feet and weighing in at 272 kilograms. The sad truth about octopuses is that the males die soon after mating, and the females who lay about 100,000 eggs, die soon after they have hatched.

Other octopus species for you to check out: Common octopus, Atlantic pygmy octopus, blue-ringed octopus, California two-spot octopus, Caribbean reef octopus, East Pacific red octopus, mimic octopus, seven-arm octopus.

The Largest Eyes on Earth
All the better to see you with! That does not make them any easier to see, though. Giant squids have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom measuring about ten inches! The largest recorded squid was 59 feet long and weighed over 900 kilograms! They have eight arms and two longer feeding tentacles which they use like hands to eat.

Other squid species for you to check out: Deep-sea luminescent squid, California market squid, common European squid, Caribbean reef squid, shortfin squid, and Humboldt squid.

I can go on and on about the wonders of the sea. Instead, what I have done is help the lovely folks at Kaadoo to design a beautiful board game. It is called “Oceanic Wonder”. This game is actually an underwater safari!! You even get your own cute wooden boats to sail in!! Play this game and you will learn a lot more about my underwater cousins. Interested, aren’t you!! So, here is the link:


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