A Merry Christmas Eve in The Arctic

A Merry Christmas Eve in The Arctic

“It’s Christmas! It's Christmas" shouted Buddy, the Arctic Lemming with his squeaky voice.

“Don’t shout kid!!” hooted Grandpa Owl, peeping out of his nest, with his big, round, old eyes staring at Buddy.

“Good morning, Grandpa Owl. I'm sorry to wake you up but it is just one more day for Christmas!! And we have to decorate the Christmas tree tonight!!” said buddy excitedly. 

“Yes kid, I know. But you are well aware that I get to sleep only in the day so let me sleep!” shouted grandpa owl.

Buddy continued to shout and wake everyone up.

“Good morning, Buddy. Want some gingerbread cookies?” asked Mama Hare. The aroma of the cookies filled the air and Buddy couldn’t resist it and ate two.

“Thank you, Mama Hare. You are coming to decorate the Christmas tree, right? asked Buddy eating his third cookie.

“Yes, I am coming,” said Mama Hare.

“Great! I am going to call everyone for decorating the Christmas tree. I had sent a letter to Santa two weeks ago. I’ve been good throughout the year and hope he makes my wish come true! Anyway, I need to get going. I have a lot to do. Bye, see you in the evening.” said Buddy walking away.

Buddy continued his way to call his best friend Triangle, the Canadian lynx. Everyone calls him Triangle because the shape of his ears is triangular.

“Jingle bells, Jingle bells….” sang Buddy happily but suddenly stopped when he heard someone talking and turned back.

“Where are you going?” asked the voice.

“Wh-who are you?” asked Buddy fearfully.

“Oh, Buddy. It's me.” said the voice as it moved towards the green bush.

“Oh, Wolfy, it's you. You never fail to scare me. I wonder from where did you get the power to be invisible?” asked Buddy relieved.

“My mom says that it is to blend in with the surroundings. You see, the snow is white and we are white. Where are you going?” said Wolfy, the friendly Arctic Wolf.

“I am going to Triangle to inform him about the Christmas decorations. You coming?” said Buddy.

“I’ll come too.”, said Wolfy.

And off they went, singing carols on their way. It was indeed a long ride that they reached Triangle's house at noon. They knocked on the door.

“Come in Buddy and Wolfy.” welcomed Triangle’s mom. “Have a seat and join for lunch.”

They all sat down for lunch and had a hearty meal. Oh, the delicious joys of Christmas!!

“Triangle, we must get all the materials for decoration and call a few more people,” said Wolfy as he finished his meal.

“Is Grandpa Owl coming too?” asked Triangle.

“Don’t know. He was extremely angry this morning,” said Buddy, as they all moved out of the house.

“I think you might have disturbed him during his nap. After all, he works hard at night. He is nocturnal.” said Wolfy.

“He is a what??” asked Buddy and Triangle together.

“Nocturnal. I learned it at school. That is, he is awake at night and he sleeps during the day. The right opposite to our sleeping habits.” explained Wolfy. 

“Let’s call Uncle Tern. I saw him months ago. I hope he is at home.” said Triangle and they set off to Uncle Tern’s nest.

“Uncle Tern. Are you there?” shouted all three of them.

“Why are you children calling him?” asked Rainy the Reindeer.

“Hi, we are here to call him to decorate the Christmas tree,” said Triangle.

“Didn’t you guys know that he fought with Santa in summer and decided not to stay here during the winter?” asked Rainy.

“No. He has seen Santa?” asked Buddy surprised.

“Yes, Tern used to work in his toy factory. Sorry kids, I need to find some mosses for my kids. I will be there in the evening. Bye.” Said Rainy and left the place towards the north.

“We can’t waste time being surprised. We have to go to uncle Pauly,” said Wolfy seeing both of them surprised at the thought that Uncle Tern had seen Santa.

Wolfy dragged them to uncle Pauly, the Polar Bear’s home.

“Uncle Pauly?” asked all three of them again. There was no response.

“Why is everyone leaving during Christmas?” asked Buddy sadly.

“I hope he too hasn’t fought with Santa,” said Triangle.

“Let’s ask someone.” said, Wolfy. “Hello, Auky, did you see uncle Pauly?”

“Uncle Pauly was put on the naughty list by Santa long ago. So, from then on, he hides underground during winters. He only comes out when the winter is over.” Said Auky, the Auk.

The sunset was down and it was time to go home. The three of them were disappointed but they made up their mind and started collecting things that could be put as a decoration. 

They collected acorns, twigs, and sticks. On their way back home, they stopped at grandma stoat’s house to collect knitted Christmas stockings and wreaths.

They reached the common point of the village where they celebrate all festivals. Everyone came to decorate the complete village. Grandpa Owl brought fresh berries, Mama Hare brought cookies and milk for Santa, Triangle’s mom brought ornaments for the Christmas tree, Rainy brought lights, and Auky brought candles.

Wolfy’s father brought a huuuuuge pine tree, which made everyone jump and clap!! They all joined together and decorated the whole area. It was covered with glittering lights and the tree was beaming with rustic ornaments and garlands. Grandpa Owl flew high and placed a star at the top of the tree. And, the Christmas tree was complete!! What a display of teamwork and Christmas spirit.

Curious about Christmas day and all the gifts to be exchanged, they all went to sleep with excitement. Buddy for one, could hardly keep his eyes closed as he kept twisting and turning, hoping to see Santa climb down the chimney with his awaited gift in hand. 

Well, who wouldn't! 

- Written by Gowri, a 14-year-old friend of Kaadoo Paapa 

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