A Child is Born

A Child is Born

Child in a jungle

A child's journey back to the wild

A child is born ’Wild’, in tune with nature. Its first exposure to the world is the  mother, then the father.

Introduce an animal and it becomes a pet. 

Children grow up taking a fancy towards an animal – be it a goat, a sheep, a pig, a dog, a cow or a horse!

Introduce it to a deadly beast or a venomous snake, it takes a liking to it too without any prejudice or bias.

Then, humans tame this ‘wild’ child. Prejudices begin to take shape. The child begins to distinguish between what’s perceived as “good” or “bad” or “evil”!

It then slowly starts to distance itself from nature itself; embrittled by the very own bases created by the human mind.

Then “human life” takes over – education, vocation, profession, responsibilities etc. etc.

Trials and tribulations begin to afflict the adult ‘child’ and time passes on. 

There comes a time when nature awakens the “adult child”; and beckons, even begs to return to its fold.

Trials and tribulations apart, the urge to return and nature’s strong pull gives way to strong emotional turbulence.

This swirling whirlpool of emotions draws the “adult child” to its vortex with such force; there is no turning back.

The “adult child” fights, resists, even wages a war against this strong force; but eventually succumbs.

The abject surrender turns to relief.

A new life begins!

The curiosity is rekindled; the “adult child” seeks, probes, experiments, falters, falls; almost gives up in exasperation; but curiosity to learn and absorb is overbearing to ignore. The ‘child’ is reborn!

The curiosity creates queries in the mind and the ‘new child’ begins to seek answers to every one of this.

The eyes are opened and a new day beckons. Every sunrise and sunset is welcomed and everything in-between is cherished.

Every passing moment becomes an experience.

The ‘new child’ returns to nature. Bird songs suddenly sound sweeter, the aroma of rain showers is therapeutic, trees, animals, insects and every other living being takes shape; and the shape takes a definite meaning. The purpose of life is discovered.

It’s not over yet! A visit to the zoo, a national park, or a sanctuary follows.

The mind opens up!

“Look deep into nature; and it teaches you everything” said Albert Einstein; arguably the world’s best scientist and discoverer.

How true! The ‘new child’ will suddenly pick a favorite animal – an elephant or a tiger or a leopard or for that matter even a vulture or a bat.

Then begins the journey of the ‘new child’, to bring every ‘adult child’ back to its divine ‘childhood’.

The ‘new child’ introduces its friends and family to nature by taking them on treks, walks, star gazing and on ‘Jungle Safaris’.

Safaris are one of the most common or the best venues to get closer to wild animals, observe them closely in their natural habitats; seek and probe to answer all those hidden queries ; and finally, to learn from them.

The clock has turned a full cycle. The powerful force of nature has successfully brought the ‘new child’ back to its fold and reminded the human – that they are part of nature too!

Take this journey with Kaadoo

Why go through this whole cycle when you can get close to nature, seek and find nature’s answers, enjoy the spills, thrills & joys of game-play and get “back to nature” and bring back the ‘child’ in you!

Welcome back to nature with Kaadoo's wildlife-themed games. With us, 'You are never far' from the wild.


Written by,

Diinesh Kumble

Founder, Kaadoo Games


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