5 Riddles on Indian Wildlife

5 Riddles on Indian Wildlife

What's the fun in learning about Indian Wildlife when I, the resident of the jungle, can't quiz you about it? So, with all the knowledge you are gaining from Kaadoo games, books, and videos, it's time to test you. 

Ready? Hop in the safari and let's goooooo! 

I have crafted 5 riddles inspired by very interesting Indian animals and birds. If you find all the right answers, you'll be eligible for a surprise! 

Riddle 1

I quickly climb trees,

Boast my sharp claws,

Fully close my big nostrils,

And I am only found in India.


Guess the bear?


Riddle 2

You can't see me,

As surroundings hide me

My tail hugs me when it's too cold,

I'm famously called a grey ghost.


Guess the cat family member?


Riddle 3

I jump from branch to branch,

high on up on the Himalayan trees

I eat like a panda and look like a racoon,

and my sound even resembles a bird's tweet.


Guess the furry mammal?


Riddle 4

I'm tall like the Ostrich,

But I can fly very high

I even hold a world record,

But I don't boast much as

I don't like to be social.


Guess the long-legged bird?


Riddle 5 (Tough one!!)

I look a little like a lion,

With a pom-pom dressing my tail

My mouth holds as much food as my stomach

which is quite helpful and funny

when I'm running away.


Guess the mammal?


A good exercise for your mind, isn't it? So, what's next?

Guess the answers and send them to my dear Kaadoo team by Nov 20, on lovetohearfromu@kaadoo.in or send us a WhatsApp on 9986011039


I am excited and I know you are too!


Stay adventurous, 

Kaadoo Paapa

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