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Night Fire - Strategy Board Game

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A strategy-powered board game, equal parts adventure and challenge, designed to raise awareness about the menace of forest fires and the need for protecting our planet from the wrong-doers. 

The game includes two main characters - Kirik Veera (the one who is conspiring to set the forest on fire!) and Ranger Kutty, who is accompanied by his team of Rangers geared to protect the forest from all harm. 

  • Helps in: Improving problem-solving, decision making, and team-building skills.
  • Ideal for: Gifting, parties, playtime, sleepovers, education, and digital detox.


    • Players: 4 players, 10 years and above.
    • Gameplay: 3 players team up as rangers to save the forest from the mischievous Veera (4th player) using teamwork, strategy, and problem-solving skills on a game board. Stopping Kirik Veera successfully will lead to victory!
    • Unbox: Game board, 4 wooden pawns, 50 movement cards, 12 fire tokens, 12 zone cards, 20 resource cards, 3 Kirik cards, a cloth drawstring bag, and a play guide.