Koogu - Innovative Learning Card Game

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Koogu card game is set in a jungle and inspired by the food chain formed among its inhabitants, including predators, prey, and scavengers.

This game is designed to teach children about the workings of a food chain while increasing their knowledge of the wild.

  • Helps in: Improving concentration, competitiveness, and memory.
  • Ideal for: Playtime, travel games, education, gifts, and return gifts.
  • Child safe: Non-toxic colors, soft edges, easy to hold and carry.


  • Players: 2-6 players, 7 years and above.
  • Gameplay: Each player gets 7 cards with one task - make a complete foodchain (1 predator, 3 prey,1 scavenger), with a Kaadoo jungle card and one Fab card (big animal). The first one to make the set needs to shout out 'Kaadoo' to win! It is designed for 20-minute gameplay.
  • Unbox: 110 game cards (100 wildlife-themed cards and 5 instruction cards), with mesmerizing photographs of wild animals residing in their natural habitat.