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Jodo Alphabet Puzzle Game

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Our brand new Jodo 'Fun with Alphabet' is perfect for little ones learning letters, words, colors, pattern-matching, spelling, and pronunciation.

In 150 puzzles lie 150 new things for growing kids to learn about. For example, if you're teaching your child about the letter F, they will not only learn how it is written but also 1 animal, object, food item, and transportation that starts with that letter.

EARLY LEARNING AND ENGAGEMENT: Through this game, pre-schoolers and older children can learn - alphabet recognition, vocabulary building, spelling, pronunciation, color matching, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and object identification.

MULTISENSORY LEARNING: The game engages sight, touch, and hearing, promoting multisensory usage, better retention, and faster recall.

  • Ideal for: Early learning & development, gifting, return gifts, homeschooling, visual teaching in schools, and bonding time between pre-schoolers and friends, siblings, parents, and even grandparents.
  • Child safe: Non-toxic colors, soft edges, easy-to-hold & fix puzzles.


  • Players: 1+ players, 3-6 years 
  • Gameplay:  Lay out all the pieces in front of your child or start with each letter. Show or ask your child to build one letter at a time. Each puzzle can be completed using - color matching, first letter matching, and recognition of different elements. There are 4 more gameplay in the box!
  • Unbox: 1 pouch, 150 Puzzle Pieces, 30 puzzles, Instruction Manual with 4 other gameplays.