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Animal Buddy - Dino Kingdom Exploration Board Game

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Animal Buddy series is a favorite of the young ones as it is easy to learn and thrilling to play!

Travel back in time to explore the lost kingdom of Dinosaurs! On the way, meet more than just T-Rex, who will introduce you to their habitat as your own buddies! 

The game has no complex rules or dice to throw, as it focuses only on fun and learning.

  • Helps in: Improving concentration, memory, and knowledge of the Dinosaurs.
  • Ideal for: Playtime, digital detox, early learning, gifts, and return gifts.
  • Child safe: Non-toxic colors, soft edges, and easy to hold cards.


  • Players: 2 players, 4+ years and above.
  • Gameplay: Hop on your safari wagons and zoom into the Dino Kingdom, with three goals - discover new dinos, making buddies, and get out of there fast and safe! It is designed for 20-minute gameplay.
  • Unbox: A meticulously designed board, 55 cards (45 unique dino cards, 5 action cards, and 5 instruction cards), and 2 bright safari pawns.