For all the good the advent of technology has brought, it is also caused the ever increasing disconnect from nature. The importance of interconnectedness, living in harmony and the understanding that we are also a part of this beautiful ecosystem is slowly being lost.

During our nature getaways and retreats, we felt that today’s society was alienating itself from the natural world. On one such trek in the wilderness, an idea was born. If people couldn’t go into nature, then why not bring nature home instead!

Kaadoo means ‘jungle’ or ‘forest’ with a twang! We create fun, educational games that get people curious and excited about nature. Each game requires varying levels of observation, problem solving, strategic thinking and chance. We are thinking afresh to bring people together around a table.

Our vast knowledge of wildlife, and creative storytelling ability could seamlessly translate into educative games that were fun for all ages. We strove to go against the overbearing tide of technology, and create nature-themed games that let you “feel the jungle in your hands”.

From two board games in October 2015 to 45 exciting titles, sold across 550+ outlets in India today, Kaadoo encapsulates the love we have for nature. Our wide range of offerings include safari board games, strategy games, puzzles and card games.

Disney India loved our products and wanted their exciting animal-themed movies to be retold through games. The characters, plots and themes from The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Zootopia, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo and The Good Dinosaur have been adapted to create fresh, engaging games.

“It’s fantastic and a wonderful experience for me as an adult”

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“Wonderful, engrossing, educational game for entire family”

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People for Paapa id a 'not-for-profit' conservation project by KAADOO to create awareness about this nocternal primate, dispelling myths, increasing habitat cover, thus preventing it from becoming extinct. It is our duty as nature lovers to save the species and your participation is a step towards it.

Diinesh Kumble

With an abiding interest in nature and wildlife, Diinesh is one of India's renowned wildlife photographers. Over the last couple of decades he has authored several coffee table books that highlight wildlife in different parts of the world. He heads the new products conceptualisation, design and development activities at Kaadoo®.

Ganesh Subramaniam

A Chartered Accountant, Ganesh oversees business operations at Kaadoo®. A serial entrepreneur since 2001, Ganesh was a co-founder and Chief Executive of Medi Assist India Pvt Ltd., one of India's largest health insurance TPAs.

Raviraj K Joshi

A painter and poet at heart, Ravi is a visual communicator & a master designer. With close to 20 years experience, he has worked with top advertising firms and clients across the globe. Ravi has many achievements under his belt like the ‘User Experience Champion 2012’ award from Microsoft. Ravi leads the creative team at Kaadoo®.

Uday Bapu

Uday brings over 10 years of international experience from his background in consulting, strategy and marketing. Prior to Kaadoo®, he managed a specialties division of North America’s largest chemical distributor. Uday holds a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Operations Management, from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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